Development, Implementation and Commercialization of ideas from Underserved communities by supporting Inclusive Innovation in National, Local and Global Underserved Markets

DR. JULIUS W. GARVEY, MD, Chairman Emeritus, Biojam Industrial Research & Development  
Dr. Julius Garvey was born on September 17, 1933 in Kingston, Jamaica to United Negro Improvement Association founder Marcus Garvey, and activist Amy Jacques Garvey. The younger of two sons, Garvey was raised in Jamaica. He attended Wolmer's Trust High School for Boys in Kingston, graduating in 1950. He then earned his B.S. degree from McGill University in Montréal, Quebec in 1957, and his M.D., C.M. degree from McGill University Faculty of Medicine in 1961. He is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Long Island Jewish Medical Center and NYC Health and Hospitals/Queens. Dr. Garvey joins BIRD as Chairman Emeritus. His work in social justice for the Diaspora is legendary and follows his father’s (Marcus Garvey-Jamaica’s First National Hero) work to uplift peoples of African descent through economic development and wealth determination.

CHRISTIAN STRACHAN (Founder), Chief Executive Officer (MBA), As the Founder and CEO of Biojam Industrial Research Development Global, Inc., Christian founded and led an interdisciplinary team to manage innovation research projects; developed strategy to partner the country of Jamaica and Global Partners develop and build the Caribbean’s first Smart City and Science & Technology Park.  Strachan has over 17 years of experience in senior strategic management consulting shaping organizational strategies to execute powerful initiatives for Fortune 500 entities and governmental agencies, is a Member of ITRC (Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council) a coalition of state environmental regulators working with federal partners, industry, and stakeholders to advance innovative environmental decision making, completed his 32hr - Chemical Emergency Responder Certificate compliance, and is certified and trained by the Global Reporting Initiative.  Mr. Strachan serves as a member of the US Global Leadership Council. He has a B.S. in Sociology and Business Institutions from Northwestern University and an M.B.A. in International Finance from The George Washington School of Business.

GREGORY W. HARRIS (LT. US NAVY RET.) Board Member and Chief Operating Officer, Gregory W. Harris is an accomplished management professional with over twenty years of experience as a Corporate Manager, Military Officer and Construction Manager. Gregory is proficient at supervising and directing the efforts of team members, in a project environment and has an excellent track record of increasing productivity and efficiency in construction operations. Is highly motivated, with strong communication and computer skills and at the Glidden Company, achieved a company record for eight months of “no lost time” accident rate.  Key Accomplishments include: completed multi-million-dollar project on time and surpassed federal, state & city compliance guidelines; boosted housing production by 75% since 2003 and simultaneously initiated the construction of an additional thirty (30) new homes and ten (10) rehabilitated homes by year end 2005; instrumental in increasing company revenues by twenty percent (22%) and completed all projects with no cost over runs.  Mr. Harris serves as an Advisory Board member of the US Global Leadership Council.

CAPTAIN DONNIE L. COCHRAN (US NAVY RET.), Board Member and Chief Logistics Officer. Leadership and high performance have been the hallmarks of Donnie Cochran’s illustrious achievements.  From his esteemed career as a naval officer to his current career in the corporate world, Donnie’s unique people skills and his flawless execution of highly skilled maneuvers have garnered him the accolades of his peers and others outside his field.  He mastered the exceptional leadership and aviation skills required for leading two fighter squadrons and later to be the Commanding Officer and Flight Leader of the United States Navy’s elite precision flying team, the Blue Angels.

As a former naval officer and aviator, Donnie also served as the deputy commander of the Navy’s Recruiting Command and as the Commanding Officer and Professor of Naval Science of the Navy ROTC units at Florida A & M and Florida State Universities.

Being a pioneer and at the top of his field as an aviator; in 1985, Donnie was honored by his selection as the First African-American Pilot to fly with the Blue Angels.   He was with the trailblazer team who last flew the A-4 Shy Hawk and also among the inaugural team that flew the F/A-18 Hornet.  His fortitude under high stress situations is admirable as he flew the number three jet for two years and the number four jet for an additional year.

Evident from his career, Donnie has been no stranger to honor.  By 1994, Donnie merited the distinction of being selected the Blue Angels’ First African-American Commanding Officer and Flight Leader.  As flight leader and demonstration pilot, Donnie cultivated a wealth experience that provided many moments of inspiration.   It is from these moments that Donnie draws his motivation to demonstrate how to achieve unprecedented levels of performance excellence.  Donnie’s unique perspective on team dynamics acts a lighthouse to help you avert behaviors that can undermine team performance.

Donnie’s drive for excellence did not end with his Navy career. As a staunch achiever, he transferred his skills to the corporate world where he merited leadership positions with United Parcel Services (UPS), the world’s largest shipping company, and The Coca-Cola Company, the World’s most valuable brand.   Donnie currently manages the Aviation Program at The Coca-Cola Company and although he still believes in “not self but country” he has added “not self but distinguished service!”

LESTER BARCLAY, ESQ., Board Member & Chief Legal Counsel (A Luce Scholar), assigned to the Ministry of Industry of the Royal Thai Government in Bangkok, Thailand, where he worked to establish trade relations between companies in the United States and Southeast Asia. A powerful advocate and champion for many families and businesses in Chicago and throughout the nation. Involved in various civic and charitable organizations including: President of the Board of Directors for the Christian Community Health Center; former member of the Oberlin College Board of Trustees; Advisory Board Member for the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs; Chicago Legal Aid Bureau; and was a Delegate to the Jamaica Diaspora Conference 2006 and 2008. He ensures that BIRD meets its targets and is always at its optimum.

MILTON PADGETT, DO, (US ARMY RET.), Board Member, Vice President Health Sector, Dr. Padgett bring years of experience as President of 8a MBE company StarMark licensed to import and export biotech and pharmaceuticals products and conducting clinical research.  Dr. Padgett has provided years of service as an Army Flight Physician and Emergency Room Physician.